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Diploma in Policing
Ancillary Health Care
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The purpose of this qualification is to obtain a nationally recognised qualification in the law enforcement environment and to uplift the professional standards of policing. It will improve relationships between employer and employees and organisation and client (community) and attract and retain quality employees.

Learners will be able to identify, assess, formulate and solve problems while performing tasks related to maintaining public order, prevention of crime, investigation of crime, combating crime and protection of people and property.

Learners will be able to implement strategies to assist personnel in the handling of stress and in having an in-depth understanding of motivation techniques. These learners will also be able to lead a team, apply management skills and delegate tasks.

The learner obtaining this qualification will enhance service delivery to the internal and external clients that will enhance satisfaction and trust. Qualifying learners will be able to conduct limited policing operations, apply resource management at the lower management level and apply interpersonal skills in a law enforcement environment while balancing constitutional and legal rights of individuals with the competence to legally infringe those rights in the service of maintaining a safe and secure society. Fundamental human rights and adherence to such rights are also contained in this qualification with the focus on upholding and protecting fundamental human rights by creating a responsive and proactive environment in a responsible manner.

A fundamental understanding of the criminal justice system needed for middle management purposes is also outlined in this qualification and this qualification will also contribute to the implementation of preventative actions that law enforcement agencies need to take.

A learner acquiring this qualification will have skills, knowledge and attributes to:

Apply management skills.
Implement workplace relations in a work environment.
Apply applicable legislation in a work environment.
Utilise a document management system.
Assess service delivery abilities of an organisation.
Analyse operational plans for deployment purposes.

Minimum Entry Requirements:
Grade 12 ,  N4 or NQF  L5 or Equivelant.

Recommended Subject

24 months

Career/Job Opportunities:
Metro Police, State Police, Traffic Law Officer, Crime Investigator, Forensic Officer

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